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📚 Content Quality:
Create engaging and up-to-date course materials.

💻 Course Structure:
Organize courses logically with clear objectives.

📢 Communication:
Respond promptly and maintain a positive environment.

📊 Performance Metrics:
Improve courses based on feedback and data.

💰 Pricing and Revenue:
Set fair prices and adhere to revenue-sharing policies.

🔐 Privacy and Security:
Protect student data and follow privacy guidelines.

📆 Timeliness:
Meet deadlines and communicate delays.

📜 Code of Conduct:
Maintain professionalism and respect.

🔍 Review and Compliance:
Comply with platform policies and quality checks.
A. Introduction
Selfelearn is pleased to partner with you as an instructor on our platform to provide valuable educational content to our users. This Revenue Sharing Policy outlines the terms and conditions governing the distribution of revenue generated from live courses and recorded courses offered under the name of Selfelearn.

B. Live Courses
1. Selfelearn considers the instructor as the owner of live courses offered on our platform under the name of Selfelearn.
2. The revenue sharing ratio for live courses is set at 60% for the instructor and 40% for Selfelearn.
3. Revenue generated from live courses includes course fees paid by students participating in these courses.
4. Revenue sharing will be calculated based on actual earnings generated from live courses.

C. Recorded Courses
1. For recorded courses offered on the Selfelearn platform, the revenue sharing ratio is reversed, with 70% allocated to Selfelearn and 30% to the instructor.
2. Revenue generated from recorded courses includes sales of course recordings to students.
3. Revenue sharing for recorded courses will be calculated based on actual earnings generated from the sale of these courses.

D. Payment and Reporting
1. Payments will be made to instructors and Selfelearn on a monthly basis.
2. Selfelearn will provide instructors with a detailed revenue report that outlines the earnings from live and recorded courses.

E. Modifications
Selfelearn reserves the right to modify this revenue sharing policy with prior notice to the instructor. Any modifications will apply to future earnings and will not affect previously earned revenues.

By offering your courses on Selfelearn, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Revenue Sharing Policy.
If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for being a valuable part of Selfelearn's educational community.
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